3 Easy Kitchen Island Updates That Won’t Break Your Budget

While not all kitchens have the space for a large grand island, those that do often feature the island as the focal point of the room. Perfect for morning coffee, for extra cooking and baking space, or as a replacement for a more formal eating area, kitchen islands get chopped on, leaned on and occasionally sat on thanks to its role as the centerpiece of the kitchen. Whether your island’s style is outdated or could simply use a refresh – and a full replacement is not currently in the design budget – here are three simple ways you can update your kitchen island for an easy DIY project you can complete in a weekend.

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Start At the Top

You may find that the base of your island is in great condition, but the top is dated and could use a little love. Depending on the size of your kitchen island, you can replace the top material to either upgrade worn down or beaten up countertops or simply to match the rest of your kitchen updates.

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Currently the trend is for kitchen islands to be topped with marble, but other materials work just as well, be more cost-effective and can refresh not only your island, but the look of your entire kitchen. Consider installing a countertop material such as soapstone, limestone, recycled glass, quartz, or granite.

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A Little Paint Goes A Long Way

If you’re searching for a seriously simple, do-it-yourself refresh for your kitchen island, perhaps the most convenient and budget-friendly option is to give the island a new coat of paint. You can use a color or hue which matches the rest of the hardware and cabinets in your kitchen, or go with the latest trend and transform your island into a statement stand-alone piece by applying a contrasting color.

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Staining the island is another wonderful and easy alternative, and a project you can complete in less than one weekend. A new coat of paint may also help to disguise any dents, scratches, or scrapes in the island and is the perfect way to freshen up the focal point of your kitchen without blowing your entire home-ren0 budget.

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Get Trendy With New Hardware

Your kitchen island may be in great shape, but when it comes to its hardware, the overall appearance could be, dare I say… lacklustre. A very simple, big bang for your buck option here is to replace old hardware with new pieces that will act as on-trend accents for the island itself.

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Try replacing handles, knobs, or draw pulls with vintage-inspired hardware for a cottage-country touch, install contrasting hardware such as darkly-stained handles that will stand out beautifully amongst a lighter paint color or go bold and make a statement with gold or bronze.

In particular, hardware trends such as vintage handles, oil-rubbed bronze knobs, and elegant stained hardware are all making a comeback and are easy refreshers for your kitchen island.

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No matter which kitchen island update you choose, or what combination of the three, your refresh is guaranteed to make a huge impact in your kitchen and might I warn you, you may start to feel the bug to refresh the entire space as the next project! Believe me it happens to the best of us…

Which project is next on your list? Share with me in the comments below and you could be my inspiration for a future interior styling article!


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