5 Design Elements Every Room Should Have

While I truly believe that well executed interior design should be personal to the homeowner, guided by particular restrictions of the space and occasionally by geographic location, most designers will agree that there are certain elements that, when included, allow a space to feel well-designed and intentional.

5 Design Element Every Room Needs is your guide to my top 5 elements every space should have, as well as few examples of how to add them into your own interior design.

I created this design resource after working with numerous clients who knew they wanted just a little something extra to make their homes, or rooms, feel more like they hoped for but just can’t seem to put their finger on what is missing.

Frequently overwhelmed by design choices, both online and in stores, they have come to me for advice. I love working with my private clients but I also know that there are even more people who are not able, or ready, to work with me. And to make sure good design is accessible to everyone I am creating a series of design resources. Resources that are easy to understand, implement and refer back to when a new design dilemma arises.

I hope you get value and inspiration from this top 5 list. {Please share your thoughts with me, on this resource or any other design dilemma, in the comments if you have a moment.}

No need to go crazy and implement them all at once, start with just one. Repeat as needed to achieve the desired results! My favorite designs evolve over time.

Download your copy of 5 Design Elements Every Room Needs and get ready to make a few small changes that will have big impact in your living room, bed room or bath.

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