A Bright Perspective. My Home Office Refresh.

This is my unfiltered journey from a mess of a room to an organized, healthy and productive home office in preparation for the New Year. And how I learned that tidying your home + shining a little light on your space can be life changing.

Thank you to OttLite for putting the finishing touches on my office space and helping me achieve my 2018 goal to live healthier!

As someone who has moved on average every 5 years for most of her life I was getting the itch to refresh, delete and edit. After living in the same home for over 8 years, it began simply enough this summer. I had heard about a book on tidying your home and the “life changing” effect it can have. I checked out the book at the local library branch and I was hooked half way through page one.

“We” scheduled to start The Purge, as it has become known in our house, over July 4th weekend – after all this year July 4th weekend was a full 4 days which to me seemed should be enough time to work our way through each of the categories laid out in the book, take things to The Salvation Army and other local charity centers, and clean up in general before heading back to work on Tuesday, I mean it is just the two of us how hard can it be? How long can it really take?

Several months, and numerous trips to various donation centers, the last room in the house remained un-purged. Our Home Office.

A room, that with myself and my husband both running our own businesses, is now a shared space which also became the dumping grounds of all the things moved during The Purge that didn’t quite have a home, that I thought I might be able to sell on eBay or that for other reasons we couldn’t part with. I mean do you need a feather bed in Florida, probably not, but when your mother-in-law gives you one you find a place for it “just in case”. Am I right?

With my original deadline for The Purge completion well behind us, my birthday in early August, my 2018 goals began to loom on the calendar. Be healthier. Be more productive. Goals that now seemed blocked by this final mess of a room. Note :: “a mess of a room” is an understatement.

Along with be healthier and more productive, my goals for 2018 include to get back to writing in general but specifically sending hand written Thank You notes on a daily basis and spending more time on non-work related creative activities.

The shared office is also home to my “craft room” (how many times can you use air quotes in an article…), which makes it exceptionally tricky when the only light in the room is a single ceiling fan light. We needed more directly light for writing, reading, laptop time and creative endeavors but I also wanted them to fit in, look great and help achieve my 2018 goal of health and productivity. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so either!

Little known fact…Three out of four Americans suffer daily from eyestrain, but most don’t realize that the lighting they use at work and at home may be contributing to the problem. Along with the growing list of 2018 goals – add less squinting (AKA additional fine lines).

OK – admittedly my crafting has been almost zero since The Purge – it’s hard to feel creative in a space full of items half in and half out of your life.

However!, I am ready to make my new goals a reality now that my craft table is clear, organized and properly lit.

Good light leads to good health which is why the OttLite Wellness Series™ of desk lamps were created. OttLite Wellness Series provides the healthiest light you can buy and the only lamps on the market designed specifically with eye health in mind.

Healthy lighting is part of a growing consumer trend. In a recent consumer study, 86% of respondents said they consider lighting to be an important part of their overall health and 96% indicated that quality of light is very or extremely important. 

The OttLite Wellness Series™ of lamps provide the benefits of healthy light, stylish design; high quality diffusers for smooth, clear illumination; flicker-free adaptors; and key functionalities such as powerful USB charging ports, multiple brightness settings and adjustable designs.

Now that The Purge is complete I may actually get to sit at my desk with a cup of tea, a candle lit  and read my monthly subscriptions! #DreamsDoComeTrue

(P.S. – don’t tell my husband but the garage is actually the final room in The Purge).


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