Krayl’s Seasonal Home Box – Spring Reveal

This spring I launched my first product offering and a long time dream of mine, a Seasonal Home Box Membership, to my delight it has been a hit with busy women across the U.S.! Delivered right to your door, filled with seasonal home decor items, my Seasonal Home Box is perfect for homemakers who are looking for perhaps not a full room makeover, but know that a few well chosen touches can make a huge difference in their environment and make them feel happier.

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Friends, family and fans commented on how great the idea was, how “no one is doing anything like this” and “it’s a perfect offering for you brand”.  While I loved all the positive comments, I also received many questions like; “What exactly is in the box?”, “What if I don’t like what is in the box?”, “What if the items don’t fit my style?”, “Can I send this as a gift instead?”. All fantastic questions, that got me thinking about how I can best explain the concept as well as relieve all your concerns about trying the Seasonal Home Box Membership, after all this box is designed to make your life easier not harder right? Right!

The Summer Box is now shipping. Ready to sign up? Learn more about the Seasonal Home Box here.

Need a few more questions answered, keep reading.

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So let me begin with my response to the most asked questions –

What if the items in the Seasonal Home Box don’t match my style or existing decor? 

I understand we all have different tastes and although my goal is to select decor items that will add a seasonal pop to your existing decor rather than completely disrupt your current style, I want you to feel 100% happy with the products and having them in your home. And so that is guaranteed, I am altering my return policy. Going forward once you receive your Seasonal Home Box you will have 3 days to notify me of your return and ship it back at no charge for a refund of the purchase price minus a styling + processing fee of $20.

The returned box must contain all shipped items to receive the refund.

What if I only love a few of the items in the Seasonal Home Box? 

You fall in love with four of the say six items in the box and don’t want to send them back but also aren’t in love with the other two? Rather than sending them back – think of this as a bonus gifting service! Spread the seasonal home joy with friends, family and neighbors. Wrap up the yellow pillow case that doesn’t quite fit your home and send it to your sister for her birthday – it’s perfect for her taste. Place the paper cocktail napkins in a gift bag, pair it with a bottle of wine and bring is as a hostess gift to your neighbors dinner party. We all need special thoughtful gifts from time to time and now you don’t have to run out last minute to grab it, another time saver in your busy schedule.

The Summer Box only available until June 15th – Ready to sign up? Learn more about the Seasonal Home Box here.

Need a few more questions answered, keep reading.

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I love the Seasonal Home Box Membership idea but I what if I wanted to give it as a gift rather than keep it myself. What are my options?

I LOVED this question because it was something I had not even considered as a possibility but is an absolutely perfect use of this special offering. Going forward before each shipment you will be asked where you would like to have the Seasonal Home Box shipped. You can decide to keep it yourself or send it as a gift to a friend as a housewarming gift, you choose! It’s a perfect client gift, bridesmaid thank you gift, Mother’s Day, birthday gift or simply a Thank You For Being You gift.

Isn’t that fantastic! I am so excited to be able to offer this new option to you – thank you Mary for asking for it!

I hope these new policies and options help you feel confident in joining my Seasonal Home Box membership however, if you continue to have questions please visit the FAQ page for more answers, or feel free to email me krayl {@} kraylfunch {dot} com and I will respond or if needed we can jump on a call to answer them all.

The Summer Seasonal Home Box is only available until June 15th – Ready to sign up? Get your Seasonal Home Box here or head to the FAQ page here.

Wait there is more!

I want to share with you reviews and a few images from happy members adding the Spring Seasonal Home Box to their homes. Thank you to everyone for sharing your images – you have no idea how happy it makes me to see them!

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