Seasonal Home Box – Summer 2017 Reveal + Seasonal Decor Ideas




Everyone’s “perfect summer home” is different. You may dream of a mountainside deck overlooking a lake filled with crisp water. Others may dream of a beachside cottage complete with a nautical theme + outdoor shower. While we aren’t all able to pick up and head to the Hamptons for the summer, we can all bring summer into our own homes with seasonal decor touches.

My perfect summer home this year is full of Blue + White accents – from flags welcoming guests at the front entrance to gingham pillows and bedding in the bedrooms to striped serverware on the table, my home is transformed with Navy + White touches everywhere. And honestly I am in love!

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This Summer Home box is filled with items, inspired by the season, and my new color obsession, made to last from Memorial Day to Labor Day or as long as you would like the summer vibe to last. Wishing you a perfect summer season filled with all your favorite things!


Lucky Bamboo Stalks – In feng shui the bamboo plant is used as a powerful tool to attract abundance, prosperity & better health. Place your stalks in a vase with water and/or stones then find a spot with indirect sunlight. When placed in the East corner of your home, bamboo helps attract better health for family. When in the South-East area it strengthens finance + brings in more money to the family.

Summer Blue + White Pillow Cover – You know I am always talking about switching out your pillow covers as one of the easiest ways to add seasonal touches. These blue + white covers, once filled with a standard pillow, look great in the bedroom or living room.

Wood Red, White + Blue Star – Sometimes the simplest things bring the most joy. Hang your patriotic wooden star outside your entranceway or use it to decorate your coffee table. It promises to bring joy to your day!

Chic Citronella Votives – Who knew keeping bugs away could look so good! Line the center of your outdoor table with these beauties or scatter them around on smaller tables for your next summer soiree.

Chevron Melamine Spreader – Summer dinners in my house are lite and sometimes consist simply of cheese, charcuterie and jam. Seasonal spreaders add a special touch to this table.

Blue + White Linens – Originally designed to be kitchen towels I have used these cotton linens as napkins, to line a picnic basket or bartop, as well as guest and kitchen towels. Where will you use yours?

Seashore Inspired Cocktail Napkins –  No summer gathering would be complete without a perfect cocktail napkin. Is your stash getting out of hand? Give it as a hostess gift!


Lucky Bamboo placed on entranceway table, blue and white pillows on bed for summer, red white and blue stars as coffee table decor, garden and gun magazine on coffee table

Don’t feel the pressure to put everything out at once. Use items that don’t work in your home as hostess gifts!

TRY THIS :: search closets + cabinets to pull out all your blue + white decor. It’s ok to mix and match patterns and styles with blue + white as the theme

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Happy Decorating + Entertaining ~ 

XO Krayl Fuch

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