What IS Interior Styling Anyway?

You’ve heard the term “Interior Styling” before,  a friend recently hired one to refresh her living room and it sounds like something you might need… but you aren’t exactly sure.

What IS interior Styling?!

Let me set the scene – You dream of having a house that looks like something that you see on your favorite HGTV show or in the latest issue of Traditional Home Magazine;

OR perhaps you have recently moved into your home and aren’t sure where to place everything in your new space;

OR maybe you love your home but are ready for a refresh of your main living area, you have the basics but you would like a new paint color, a new area rug, one of those potted fiddle leaf fig trees your neighbor has or a few decor accents to place on your mantel or entranceway table.

If you raised your hand to one or more of the above, Interior Styling might be just what you are looking for, more specifically an Interior Stylist, or Home Stylist, might be exactly who you are looking for.

interior styling might be for you if you have a vision but not sure how to execute it by krayl funch

What is Interior Styling?

In basic terms interior styling is about “dressing” a room so that it looks great and feels fresh, current but not too trendy, beautiful but livable, all while still being functional and expressing the homeowners taste.

I usually like to give the example of the role of a personal fashion stylist – you know those fabulous ladies who pick clothes for you at Bloomingdale’s’ / Nordstrom’s  / enter your favorite store – but switch it around for your home.

Stylists are current on all the latest trends, but are also able to recognize what works best for your needs and your personal style.

interior styling can include entranceway and front porch styling by krayl funch

Let’s break it down.

The Major Areas Involved with Interior Styling.

Many of my Interior Styling clients ask about similar interior design question and have similar needs when it come to home styling. Below are the main areas involved when working with Interior Styling clients.

Seasonal Styling – each season offers it’s own colors, textures and specific accents, refresh your space seasonally and you will fall in love with your home again each season

Soft Furnishings – recommending colors, patterns and fabrics for curtains, rugs, cushions, bedding and pillows

Color Selection – provide wall paint colors, fabric colors, overall color palate

Floor Plan + Room Layout – Optimizing the layout of the room for the homeowners needs + traffic flow

Texture Selection or Addition – The most interesting spaces have a combination of textures on the walls, counters and other surfaces

Furniture Selection + Sourcing – Adding new furniture or replacing existing furniture with more suitable + lifestyle friendly alternatives

Lighting – to create an attractive yet functional lighting scheme incorporating table and floor lamps

Current Home Decor Trends – Help creating a room that is on trend but not trendy

Providing a Creative Eye – Pulling together trends, colors, textures and your style into one cohesive design

interior styling ideas from krayl funch - gallery wall in living room

Should YOU Hire an Interior Stylist?

If you find yourself constantly pinning on-line, tearing out pages, looking at home decorating magazines or watching lifestyle and renovating shows but unable to feel confident to commit to making the changes to your own home then hiring an Interior / Home Stylist might be right for you.

I hope this has answered a few of your questions regarding “What is Interior Styling?” and perhaps you will be able to reach out to an Interior Stylist if it suits your needs.

We are a great caring + creative group! Learn more about my interior styling services here or email me directly. Looking forward to creating the space of your dreams.

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